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Introduction: Paper Airplane

This is a basic step by step guide for those in need of some in class or after homework entertainment

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Step 1: Paper Airplane - Prep

First obtain a single sheet of paper with dimensions 8.5" x 11" typically called printer paper. It is not recommended to use binder paper as it is often too thin and the holes offset balance.

Step 2: Main Center Fold

Identify the long and short sides, we want the 11" size to be the width, and the 8.5" size to be the height. Then fold the bottom edge to the top making sure to align the two sides over each other.

Have one hand remain on the folded edges then crease the bottom edge, essentially folding the 8.5" side in half (check with image above and below for accuracy)

Step 3: Unfold the Main Crease

Unfold the paper so that you can see the creases folded edge is pointing downward.

Step 4: Main Triangle "nose" Folding

Pick an edge, for this instruction we used the right side instead of the left.

After picking an edge grab onto either one of your sides corners and fold it in so that it aligns with the middle crease.

Step 5:

Step 6: Complete the "Nose" Fold

Repeat this step for the other side trying to make both folds as identical as possible.

Step 7: Nose Fold Part 2

Fold the now “pointed edge” downward so that the point aligns with the middle crease line and is far enough that both folds from the previous step are folded over completely.

Step 8: Nose: Second Fold

Fold over a corner from the flat edge you have just created just so its point meets the middle crease about a centimeter to half an inch above the previous folds point.

Step 9: Nose Second Fold Other Side

Do the same for the other side once again trying to keep both edges as symmetrical as possible. Use Second picture to check your work.

Step 10: Nose: Complete

Step 6: Fold up the point formed in step 4 over the folds on top of it from step 5.(this should be done so that it covers the folds from step 5)

Step 11: Wings

Fold the plane backwards along the original middle line. (The fold from step 6 should be evenly split in half along both sides and should be on the outside of the fold).

Fold down the top edge of one side of the paper so that it’s edge aligns with the original middle line.

Step 12: Second Wing

Turn the paper over and repeat the step so that both folds match. (You can check this by seeing that both of the new folds on both sides should align on the top and bottom)

Step 13: Test and Play

Pinch the original middle fold and bend the folds from step 8 so that they are perpendicular (should form a “T” shape with the ground) with the original middle fold poking straight upward.

Your paper airplane is complete! Feel free to give it a toss to test the symmetry of your folding. If it’s off you can try refolding the “wings” from step 8 to try to make them more even.

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    Tip 1 year ago

    Decorating the plane would be cool


    2 years ago

    I'm actually impressed someone else uses this design. It's very good once you get the hang of folding. I recommend using a thick-ish type of paper for the plane, but printer works great indoors. Just make sure the humidity is low. ;)


    2 years ago

    it worked so well that my teacher took it away from me when it was just on my desk :)