Paper Airplane

Introduction: Paper Airplane

This is a very simple paper airplane but it can travel quite the distance if correctly folded.

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Step 1: Fold Paper in Half

As the title suggest fold the paper in half long ways.

Step 2: Fold Number 2

Take one of the corners and fold it toward the middle, then do it to the other side.

Step 3: Triangle Fold

Take the two corners and fold them to the bottom but leave about a inch gap.

Step 4: Same Step As 1 Step

Take the two corners and fold them until they make a point and leave a bit of a gap to make a tab.

Step 5: Tab

Fold the tab over the two corners.

Step 6: Halfing

Now fold the airplane in half with the tab being on the out side of the fold.

Step 7: Wing

This step your going to take the top of the wing and fold it along the bottom of the airplane then you will do the same for the other side. Now you finished the airplane you may need to tweak the wings a bit so the plane flies streight.

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1 year ago

Please vote for me in the paper contest(:


1 year ago

Do you have a video of the plane in flight?

Hershey chocolate
Hershey chocolate

1 year ago

This is a great plane I use it a lot and it is the best it flies great.