Paper Airplane Crossbow

In this video, I'll show you how you can build a simple crossbow that shoots paper airplanes!  I made this paper airplane launcher using almost all materials I found around the shop.  The total cost of this build to me was less than $2.00!

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    5 months ago

    Thanks! Made this with my 10 year old son today. Had the scrap lumber, copper tubing, table saw, scroll saw and drill press, so it came together in about 90 minutes. Substituted a strip of rubber we cut from a bicycle intertube for the latex tubing and a few wraps of monofilament for the zip tie. Also happened to have 1/8 inch thick strip of maple around for the bolt, worked great. My son a great time designing his own trigger and we cut it our together on the scroll saw. Had a good discussion about how it works etc. After making the crossbow, we spent the rest of the afternoon designing paper airplanes for speed and distance.


    3 years ago

    Its cool but I don't exactly have these tools laying around my house. Not exactly your every day run of the mill house tools.