Paper Airplane (Flies at Least 20 Meters!)




Intro: Paper Airplane (Flies at Least 20 Meters!)

Hello it's me Juanito with another fantastic paper airplane!

Step 1: Fold the A4 Paper in Half.

Step 2: Then Fold the Wings for Both Sides by Folding the Halfed A4 in Half Again.

Step 3: Do the Same Here.

Step 4: Then Fold the Front Parts of the Paper Diagonally.

Step 5: Do the Same on the Other Side.

Step 6: Then Cut the Front Piece of Paper That Is Still There.

Step 7: Then in the Back of the Paper Cut in the Bottom of It But Not All the Way.

Step 8: Then Fold It Up and on the Wings Fold Even Smaller Wings of About 1 Centimeter High.

Step 9: And This Is the Final Product, Look for More Pictures Further in the Instructions and Have Fun!

Step 10: AGain

Step 11: Again

Step 12: Lol

Step 13:



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