Paper Airplane: Glider

Introduction: Paper Airplane: Glider

Easy high performance paper aeroplane

Step 1: Material

- regular square Paper

Step 2: Folding

1) Fold the paper in half
2) fold the top edge down to the middle
3) fold the top corners to the middle
4) Take the top point and fold it to the middle aswell
5) Fold everything in half
6) Fold down the edges to create the wings.
7) at the end of each wing fold up and one centimetre

Step 3: Finish

Thanks for reading if you have any questions please leave a comment

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    9 months ago

    I did a STEM challenge with my students to build a paper airplane that can fly as far as possible. I started the STEM session by asking few questions on aerodynamics and explaining the science behind the flight of Airplanes. I explained them about the four forces acting on a flying object namely: LIFT, WEIGHT, DRAG and THRUST. Then we started with the engineering design process: 1) ASK 2) IMAGINE 3) PLAN 4) CREATE 5) IMPROVE and 6) REFLECT. I used your project as a reference sample to make. I did change last few steps and the students really worked well. I converted your steps for dart airplane as graphics and made pdf file. I printed the sample and allotted to students. i hereby attest the SCIENCE BACKGROUND, LAB SHEET and SAMPLE AIRPLANE DESIGN. I hope my work may benefit other teachers as well.