Paper Airplane Launcher




Introduction: Paper Airplane Launcher

Introduction: These instructions will allow the consumer to design and assemble the Paninis Press Paper Airplane Launcher. It will begin with the basic designs of each part and end with how to assemble the launcher in full.

Step 1: Basic Designs and 3D Printing

To begin the process of making an airplane launcher basics designs were made using the solidworks software. Each design was specifically made to enhance consumer needs based on what Panini Press found most important. After each design was made a 3D printer was able to print each part with the exception of the screws. The screws were purchased seperately.

Step 2: STL Files

Here are the stl files to directly 3D print the parts.

Step 3: Placing Motors in Sockets

In order to complete this process use Part001 and Part004. Place both motors, Part004, in the sockets of the open base part, Part001. In the assembly sheet this is labeled 1 and 2. For the screw on back and battery pack, labeled part003, place through the bottom hole in the base of the part.

Step 4: Placing the Battery Pack

The battery holder and screw on back, labeled 003, will be super glued together. This is for easy assembly and better efficiency. The screw on back and battery pack will be screwed on to the bottom of the base part. Make sure that the fit is in correctly without forcing the battery pack into the part. This will cause less stress on the part.

Step 5: Placing the Wheels Into the Part

The wheels, labeled part002, should be placed on top of the motor antenna. Place carefully as to not move the motor out of position. The wheels should be placed on top of each other for maximum flight efficiency.

Step 6: Adding the Switch

Through the side hole, place the switch, labeled part005, carefully in the opening of the base part. For the switch the power side should be facing towards the top half of the part, facing the ears. Place the switch firmly to the part and perform a couple of test runs to make sure that the wheels are turning.

Step 7: Placing the Top Half of the Part

For the last part of this assembly place one half of the top part, labeled part006 and part007, flush with the base part. Screw the part tightly in to the base to make sure that the fit is in line with the rest of the base part. Do the same with the other part and complete the assembly.

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