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I love these glass frame pendants. They're inexpensive, versatile, and great for paper-cuts. You can cut any shape you'd like, but I've included steps for cutting this paper airplane.

Step 1: Materials


X-acto knife

Glass frame pendant


Black marker

Straight edge or ruler

Step 2: Template

Trace the center of the frame then around the glass. This will allow you to see how large your paper must be as well as what will be visible.

Step 3: Draw a Plane

Follow the steps in the image to draw your paper airplane.

Use a straight edge or ruler to keep your lines straight.

Step 4: Bulk Up

Make the lines wider.

Again, use your straight edge for this.

You need the lines to be wide enough that you can cut around them and not have them tear.

Step 5: Cut

Cut out inside the lines with an X-acto.

Flip your paper over.

Step 6: Marker

Use the straight edge to draw the lines again with the black marker.

This step is optional of course, but I liked it better with the lines.

Step 7:



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