Paper Arabesque Lantern



About: I`m industrial designer that like the news Technologies of frabrication.

This is a paper lantern to be made in a laser cutter and easily assembled or disassembled. There are two types of arabesques in digital files, one based on circles and the other on an octagon


  • 1 Sheet of cardboard B2,C2 or A1
  • 1 Sheet of butter paper
  • Glue stick

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard and Butter Paper.

Download the .DXF arquive and cut the cardboard and butter paper in the laser cut machine.

Properties in 90 to 130 Watts laser cut machine:

  • Purple line cut >> speed: 300mm/s; Power: 16%.
  • Red line cut>> speed: 50mm/s; Power: 50%.
  • Blue line cut>> speed: 50mm/s; Power: 50%.
  • Green line cut>> speed: 50mm/s; Power: 50%.

Step 2: Stick the Butter Paper on the Cardboard

Stick the butter paper on the cardboard; This serves as light refractor material and blur the light. If you want others ligth colors, you can use another kind of colorful papers.

Step 3: Fold the Paper by the Dashed Cut Lines

Fold the paper by the all dashed cut lines. This makes easy the assembly of the lantern

Step 4: Paste the Lateral Tab of the Lantern

Paste the lateral tab of the lantern to conform a foldable box.

Step 5: Assemble the Bottom of the Box

Assemble the bottom of the box. Fold the bottom tab of the box and fit them, You do not need glue for assamble this.

Step 6: Place a Candle or Light System.

Before closing the top of the lantern, place a candle on a bottle cap. You could use another lighting system such as LEDs or incandescent lamps.

Step 7: Close the Lantern

Bend and insert the tabs into the slot until it closes.

Step 8: Enjoy It!!!!!!

You can place a rope or use it on the floor. Enjoy it!!!!



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