Paper Batman

About: I wb in Belgorod Russia. In 2002 I graduated from Belgorod STU mechanical engineering and CAD. In 2004 I'v defended the dissertation "CAD for ball mill". I am a lecturer in BSTU. My hobby is 3D and...

This hero have come from paper (DC Comics) and will be made of paper ...

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

- 1 sheet of paper (80-120 g/m2)

- scissors

Step 2: Parts Preparation

Step 3: Body Starts

Step 4: Legs Beginning

Step 5: Arms Beginning and Feet

Step 6: Belt

Step 7: Putting on the Belt

Step 8: Arms and Neck Bending

Step 9: 'Zooming' Head Area

Step 10: Ears

Step 11: Jowls

Step 12: Ready for a FEAT!

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