Paper Bead Bracelet



Introduction: Paper Bead Bracelet

What You Need:

-Old Magazine
-Glue [Liquid is Best]
-String [stretchy string is good]
-Paper Clip

-Clear nail Polish
- Blow Dryer

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Step 1: Create Beads

1. Take the magazine and tear out a page.
2.Then cut thin strips downward [vertically]. Make the strips as thick as you want your beads.
3. Now take the paper clip and un-loop it so it is basically a straight line.
4. Fold it over. This is what you will rap the magazine paper around. So if you want a bigger whole in your bead fold the paper clip again, or in thirds.
5. Now be prepared to get messy! Rap the magazine strip around the paperclip 2 times then spread a hefty amount of glue on the rest of the strip. Roll the strip very tightly, and wipe off excess glue.
6. Repeat until you have your desired number of beads.

Optional:Take clear nail polish and paint beads. This will give them a shiny coating.

Step 2: Dry Beads and Loop 'Em!

1. Let the beads sit so they can dry, or take out a blow dryer.
2. Once they are dry, put them on your string and tie a knot.
3. Wear it and enjoy!

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