Paper Boat by Roasters Inc

Introduction: Paper Boat by Roasters Inc

Today i'll teach you how to make a paper boat

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Step 1:

Fold in half hot dog style

Step 2:

Put the folded edge down and fold the bottom right corner up

Step 3:

Fold the left corner so it's the same as the other corner

Step 4:

Fold the bottoms up on both sides so it looks like that

Step 5:

The fold it in half, from corner to corner

Step 6:

Then pull this apart from the middle of the bottom and fold it in half again

Step 7:

Pull the 2 sides down and boom, it should turn into a boat!

Step 8:

With a few minor adjustments, you should have a great looking paper boat!

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    3 years ago

    Fun design :)