Paper Boat




A paper boat can be crafted from any piece of paper big or small.

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Step 1: One

 To begin find a piece a paper.

Step 2: Two

 Fold the paper in half the short way.

Step 3: Three

 Find the center, and fold the two corners along the fold as seen in the image.

Step 4: Four

 Fold the bottom on both sides up to cover the corners from the previous step.

Step 5: Five

 Next fold the corners from step four in order to produce a triangular shape.

Step 6: Six

 Next take the two opposing corners and bring them together, which results in a diamond shape with an opened bottom.

Step 7: Seven

 Take the two points from the previous step and fold them upward towards the top point.

Step 8: Eight

 Open up the bottom and form a solid fold.

Step 9: NINE

 Pull the two points at the top of the shape opened as seen in the image. Then your boat is done.

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    Question 16 hours ago on Step 8

    I am stuck on step 8


    2 years ago

    I could not do it this was not usefull