Paper CD Sleeves, Easy and They Really Work!




Introduction: Paper CD Sleeves, Easy and They Really Work!

This shows you how to make economical cd cases that will hold 3 cds. (2 is recommended). This will help you keep your cd collection scratch free.
All you need is one sheet of paper and one cd for size purposes (no glue/cello tape/scissors involved!)
Sorry for the bad quality images, but my 8 megapixel camera is broken, so I am using my Motorola L6, which is modded by the way!


Step 1: Measurement and First Fold

1. Place the paper on your workspace so that it is horisontal (long side across)
2. Place a CD on the left edge in the middle (see pictures for better description)
3. Fold Edges over so they partially cover the cd (see second picture for better description)
4. Flatten folds

Step 2: The Giant Fold Over!!!

Fold the piece of paper (with cd still inside) over. Please see picture!

if you need clarification, please post a comment, this is my first instructable!

Step 3: The Last Step

Now, fold over the remaining part and tuck in the flaps!
see picture
Thanks for reading my instructible, and i a few minuits, i am going to add a new way of making cd case.



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    I just tried this. I figured out it's probably better if you do a squash fold on those flaps sticking out at step 2. That way, it locks together, and you are left with a triangular flap that you can insert easily. Confused? See the pics.

    2 replies

    cool, i will add a new instructible, and also i have come up with a new case, hehe im caught up in this cd origami thing!

    let say you have 200 cd. 1) you build 200 white paper for a prices of around 3$ and u have to follow these step. 2) you yo to any computer shop buy a pack of 200 cd sleeves, in paper with a transparent plastic, for 1$. what would you do ?

    6 replies

    I hate it when people like you post stuff like that, where you say "why not just buy one?" Why did you join instructables? To learn how to make stuff, perhaps? If you're too lazy to make his 10 second paper sleeve, then go down to Staples and buy a 200 pack of cds, then delete your account on Instructables.

    I wish it did not occur to you that the reason on why I am coming here could have changed since 2007, when I posted this message. I hate it when people like you post stuff like that. Why did you join instructables? To try to look smart with your comment? If you're too lazy to look at post dates before you reply, go to walmart, buy a clock, then delete your account on Instructables. Nah, Im just messing around. I love you, too. Peace!

    i agree, but this is for when you burn a cd and you dont have any! and anyway, you can get 500 sheets of paper for around 1 pounds 90. so you can make 500 of these for around 2 pounds! please check my other instructible, it has a more updated cd case, and it works better!

    This is a good idea especially if you "design" your CD sleeve in Inkscape and can print a cool pattern or design on it along with a folding, cutting, and taping guide.

    1 reply

    Thanks I needed to know how to do that. That is going to save me a lot of $$$$

    thx... just wat i wuz lookin 4 quick n easy :)

    I used to make cases for all my CD's like that, until I decide that the on major drawback was too much: speed of opening and closing them without ripping the paper.
    So I'm in the process of designing a new case.


    2 replies

    Certainly, but I'd have to think of a new CD case first. :)