Paper CD/DVD Sleeve

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Here are instructions on how to make your own paper sleeve for storing CDs and DVDs. Why buy sleeves when you can make them. Making your own sleeves might save you money and help you from throwing away more things. Remember to just you these to store CDs DVDs at home; don't use where they might get jostled a lot.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

Get a piece of paper or a junk piece of paper, some clear adhesive tape, and also a ruler.

Step 2: Do the First Fold

Take the bottom of the paper and fold it about 1.5 inches from the top.

Step 3: Do the Second Fold.

Fold the right side of the paper about 1.5 inches towards the left side and not from the left side.

Step 4: Do Fold No.3

Fold the left side about 1.5 towards the right side; not from the right side but to the right side.

Step 5: Tape the Sides

Tape the areas marked down to the paper.

Step 6: Last Fold and Step

Fold the paper from the top down towards the bottom about 1 inch. Now write what you are putting in on the outside of the paper and put in your CD or DVD.



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    Reply 9 months ago

    You can use these paper sleeves to store DVDs and CDs instead of buying them.