Sustainable DIY Christmas Tree





Introduction: Sustainable DIY Christmas Tree

Every year, millions of trees get cut down for a short decorative stay over in our homes. That's a lot of waste, just to brighten up our holidays. Assembli's solution to this matter is to build a beautiful tree sculpture yourself, with a free paper template. Just download it, print the file at home and start crafting!

Eager to get started?! Just visit Assembli's website and download the PDF. Once you have completed the tree, please share with us your Christmas setup. With your help we can show the world that this paper sculpture could be an excellent alternative way to celebrate our holidays!

Enjoy this project and have a great Christmas!
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download the template for free!



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    5 Discussions

    yes if you have a large format printer.
    if not ,you can always set up your printer software to make a poster out of a template.
    Although my Epson software only allows me to make them up to 4x4.
    In your case I recommend to use more simple"Paint "(from windows) cause it will allow you to make it bigger.
    After printing in normal paper you'll have to put all the pages together as a puzzle,then glue them to card board ,cut the parts,and then assembly the parts.
    Here the way I set up my printer with the paint program

    Hi Cesar,

    Cool idea! :) Could you send me a picture when you're ready? Would love that. Ciao!

    Thanks !
    I'll make a bigger one with these templates.