Paper Christmas Trees



Introduction: Paper Christmas Trees

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Today’s tutorial is a super easy one and great for children as well. I used different shades of green card to create paper trees which you could use to decorate your home or add them on some ribbon or even tinsel to hang them in the Christmas tree.

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Step 1:

First you need to create your template. Fold a piece of card in half, trace the shape of the tree using a pencil, then fussy-cut it. You will use this template to cut all the other elements for the trees.

Step 2:

For one Christmas tree you will need 6 sections, so you’ll need to cut the template six times. I recommend using different shades of green for a lovely colourful effect.

Glue all the sections together. Fold the first section in half, add a bit of glue on one side then add the next section folded in half as well and so on.

Step 3:

Do the same thing with the last section.

Step 4:

Make as many trees as you want, any colour you wish.

If you want to hang them in the Christmas tree, punch a hole in the top, add a metallic ring and pass it through a ribbon or some tinsel or instead of adding a ring just pass a thread through the hole and use it as a Christmas tree decoration.

Have fun making your own paper trees. Happy Crafting!!!

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