Paper Circuit

Introduction: Paper Circuit

An innovative way using pencil lead ( graphite)

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Step 1: Gather All Materials

all we need is

1) A pencil ( HB works the best )
2) A full size paper
3) Some led,s or other low current appliance
4) A power source

Step 2: Basic Circuit

Draw a rough circuit using the pencil with the appliance and connect the power source with wires

Step 3: The Calculations

Measure the length of the pencil circuit and find out the required voltage and amperage. Taking resistivity of graphite as 30x10^-5 ohm m, choose an appropriate power hub.
( I used a 9 volt battery for a 2m circuit with 5 led,s )

Step 4: The Final Step

Connect the terminals to the appliance(s) and turn on the power. It works !!

Step 5: Basic Idea Behind It and It's Uses

As we all know that pencil lead acts as a semiconductor so what we can do is we can draw any kind of a circuit using a dark pencil . This technique with advancements can replace wires and resistor in electronic gadgets in future.

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