Paper Circuit Greeting Cards

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In this instructables i will explain how you can make a paper circuit greeting card easily at home.with in a less budget anyone can make this greeting card,you can make your own awesome cards for your friends.

Lets start making :)

Step 1: Materials Required:

  • A4 size Paper
  • Aluminium foil Paper
  • CR2032 3 V Button Cell
  • LED 5 mm
  • Sellotape and scissor

Step 2: Making Greeting Card Template

I have created the template on a A4 size paper.So before printing it it is required to design template.I used Microsoft word to design template.

In Microsoft word you need to keep orientation in landscape to take print out.

I am including making video below this .

I am adding iron man greeting card template below.

Step 3: Making Circuit Inside

It is simple technique that closes circuits whenever you closes the card.

You can make flow of voltage in card through aluminium foil pieces.It's function is to conduct the electricity.

If you want more LED on the card you connect it on parallel Configuration.




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    11 months ago

    if you add a resistor, the led and battery will last longer.

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