Paper Circuitry Throne

Introduction: Paper Circuitry Throne

About: I am an artist and arts educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is a STEAM project to engage students in a fun and creative paper circuitry exploration.


Colored construction paper, clear tape, copper foil tape, LED lights (one per student, these can be standard 3V LED lights or Circuit Stickers), ion lithium batteries (one per student), small alligator clips, scissors, pencils, decorating materials, white glue, and throne template

Step 1: Trace the Throne Template

Trace the throne template onto construction paper with a pencil.

Step 2: Cut Out the Throne

Step 3: Fold Up the Paper Throne

Following the dotted line on the template, fold up the paper throne and tape it together. Tape at the back edge of the throne and along the inside of the front right leg.

Step 4: Add a Tab to Back Edge of Throne

Add a tab to the back edge of the throne between the back two legs. (if you used the template there is already a tab in the pattern so you will not need to add this tape extension tab)

Step 5: Add Copper Tape to Back of Throne

Add two strips of copper tape to the back of the throne. One shorter strip runs up the right side and one strip runs up on the left side and extends down the tab.

Step 6: Add LED Light

Add an LED light to the top of the throne by poking the anode and cathode legs through the paper from the front of the throne to the back. Fold the LED light's legs down and outward flat onto the copper tape. Tape the LED legs down to the copper tape.

Step 7: Add Ion Lithium Cell Battery

Add an ion lithium cell battery by taping it down to the bottom of the copper strip on the right hand side of the back of the throne. Before you tape the battery down, test it out to see if you have it oriented in the right direction. To do this, set the battery onto the copper tape on the right and fold up the tab of copper tape on the left to touch the top of the battery. Flip the battery over and test again if the light did not turn on in the first orientation. Once you tape the battery in place (leaving some of the top battery surface exposed), fold up the copper tape tab on the left to touch the battery to complete the circuit and turn on the LED light. A small alligator clip can hold the tab in place and keep the circuit on.

Step 8: Decorate You Throne

Decorate your throne with paper and other materials to personalize it.

You throne is complete!

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