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Introduction: Paper Clip Flower Ring

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I have some cool and funky office supplies lying around; I pick them up at office supply stores when they are on clearance. For the office supplies challenge, I rediscovered these round paper clips and realized they would make an easy, attractive ring in the shape of a flower.

Since making it, I also found it makes a great "fiddle ring" - the spinning beads are fun to play with, which can also be great for those stopping smoking. 

Step 1: Tools and Materials

This is a simple project that uses a minimum of materials and tools.
  • Round/spiral paper clips. I bought mine years ago, but you can get similar ones on Amazon - like these, for example.
  • Flat beads
  • Needle-nose pliers, the thinner, the better

Step 2: Bend Up the Center Wire

The first step is to bend the center spiral so it is perpendicular to the outer ring. The outer ring is the part that will go on the finger. I found this to be automatically adjusting and quite comfortable. If you have thin fingers, you can squeeze to adjust it.

Step 3: Add Beads

Because of the sharp curve, I found the thinner the beads, the better. This ring uses a combination of flat glass and vermeil flower beads. Keep adding beads until the inner ring is full, with a bit of space left over.

Step 4: Bend Closed

The final step is to bend the wire so the beads won't fall off. These paper clips have tough wire, so I could only bend it this far; however, this is sufficient to keep the beads on.

You can also bend the end of inner circle so it comes closer to touching the outer circle.

Step 5: Wearability

I tend not to wear a lot of jewelry, because it can be uncomfortable, and I have sensitive skin. However, this ring is quite comfortable, and the nylon coating of the wire means my skin won't be irritated by the wire.

All in all, a simple, pretty, and quick project!



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    Have never seen round paper clips anywhere here in South Africa and wonder how this would look if made from coated electric ( From electric cable ) Or maybe if that's too soft then from colored wire. Have the wire from scrap booking supplies I already have. Think it could work quite well.

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    I mean colored electric wire that you get from stripping the black cable--- sorry for the mistake.Don't know how to edit my original comment above

    I can't wait to make one for my mom. Her bday is coming up and she is into that 'old lady' look so I will have to use some really ugly beads! But I will also make a couple for myself and friends!! Thanks most awesome ible!

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    You're most welcome! I still wear mine - it's one of my favorite rings. So much fun. Enjoy!

    It's magic! LOL, not really. For those quitting smoking, they can find themselves nervous, fidgety & needing to do something with their hands. This might help.

    It worked for me... I used all kinds of hand-occupying things when getting over the smoking urges, including fiddle rings and making stuff with my hands.

    Would you believe Amazon (or anywhere else that I can find) doesn't do them in the UK .
    Like the idea though

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    Cool. You might be able to find them at a scrapbooking supply place. They like to carry fancy widgets like this. Or you can make your own out of wire, though it might not be as stiff.

    Molly knows what she's talking about...after running out of the very same kind of paperclips (purchased at Target) a number of years back, I decided to make my own out 14 gauge copper wiring. After winding the wire into a coil on a tapered mandrel I cut out the basic shape and then pounded it flat on an anvil and ended up with a much cooler looking clip than the inspiration.

    This is a brilliant use for the clip that I wish I had thought of...the most creative use I found for mine was to use them as "danglys" hanging from the circumference of a lamp shade.

    Can't wait to get started on this project!

    Sounds great, and go for it! Molly isn't wrong, I just prefer using coated wire for this. Some people may experience discoloration/greenish stuff on their fingers from wearing bare copper. You can alleviate it with a coating of nail polish if you like.

    You can see my most recent -ible for hammering techniques.

    What you do with the wire is, you work-harden it. You get it the shape you want and then pound the daylights out of it.

    Anodized aluminum, steel, brass, copper - with any of those wire stocks, this will work. Wire is made bendable by being annealed (heated up to a certain below-the-melting point where any rigid organized "lattice" structures the metal molecules have formed are - kinda - softened up and disorganized). Repeated shocks from whomping on it will form new lattice structures in the metal, making it more springy and less bendy.

    Here, you prefer not to make dents or bumps in the wire because then the beads might be hard to slide into place. So I'd try laying the formed wire (form it while it's still bendy, of course!) on a metal, rubber, or plastic mat and pound it repeatedly with a metal, rubber, or plastic hammer. This may taken a while; make a list of things you want to imagine you're hitting.

    Another way to get work-hardened wire is to pull it through a "draw plate." That's a metalsmith's tool made of material much harder than the wire, with a hole in it that's ju-ust a little too small so the wire has to be forced through. The squeezing and stretching work-hardens the wire. But (a) you end up with a STRAIGHT wire that doesn't want to bend, which isn't what you want here, and (b) you might not personally have, or know anyone who has, that rather esoteric doodad.

    Well, you're right about the work hardening. But any of those techniques will be harder (or impossible) with the coated wire, which is the best thing for this type of project.

    VERY cool! Great way to use up those few small beads left over from other projects.

    And how timely!!! Everybody's got those "borderline" folks where you're not sure if you'll be exchanging gifts with them; you might not even SEE them before the hols are over. Or they're in that "more than a card, but certainly not the &*!? iPad the Apple RSS won't quit suggesting; do they think I'm the %^&$ Monopoly Man or what?" category. Or those "surprise" people who pop in or trail along to others' planned gift exchange occasions and you hate for them to feel left out.

    It's probably a sign of a deeply disturbed mind, but I refuse to get "Gift-Krieged" without returning fire. Thanks for more ammo! Wonder how many I can make in time for my dance-troupe-alumnae dinner tomorrow?

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    What a wonderful project! I'll have to look around and see if I have any spiral paper clips. I really want to try this.

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    Go for it! I just ran into some friends at the store, and they loved it... have received many compliments on it when wearing it around, and "wows" when they find out how it's made. :-)

    Did you make a ring? I would love to see it. Couldn't find it in your instructables.