Paper Clock

Using small pieces of any color paper and the working hands from an old clock create a creative unique clock.

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Step 1: Gather What You Need


- Any color card stock

- Clock movement mechanism (Battery powered clock hands)

- Some way to attach your clock to the wall

- Black sharpie

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Eraser

- Protractor

- Ruler

Step 2: Creating the Hours

I'm guessing this step is pretty self explanatory but in order to create the different hours you will need your card stock, scissors, pencil, and sharpie. Start by drawing in pencil your design for each hour on the card stock. Tweak and change your design until it's very perfect. Next be very delicate and carefully go over your pencil designs with the sharpie. Once all the designs are in sharpie make sure to erase any extra pencil and start cutting out each design. You can cut out your designs in any way you want. Whatever floats your boat.

Step 3: Setting Up the Wall

Now that you have all your pieces it's time to assemble. (Avenger's Assemble!) For this you will need a protractor, ruler, and pencil. Start by picking your spot on the wall. In the center of your area make a small dot with your pencil. Take your protractor and place the middle on the dot where the flat bottom is parallel to the ground. For your 12 make a mark 90 degrees or perpendicular to the ground the ground. From there place a mark every 30 degrees by rotating your protractor. These marks represent where each number will go to make your clock. To make sure all the numbers are an equal distance away from the middle measure the distance from the middle dot to the 12 dot using your ruler. Then go around to each mark to make sure it is the same distance from the middle as the 12 mark.

Step 4: Placing It on the Wall

For your final step you will need the hours you made in step 2, the battery powered clock hands, and double sided tape or any other way to attach objects to the wall. This step is pretty quick since all you have to do is attach the clock hands to the middle dot and each hour the the marks you created in step 3. If you aren't sure what order to put the hours in just search up a picture of an analog clock. Joke: Make sure not to wrinkle your time. (Winkle in Time reference.)

Step 5: Enjoy

Now you have a personalized clock for your room that no one else will have. If you ever get bored of your design or uninterested change it up. You can redraw the numbers or even replace them with other things like Polaroids or bottle caps. Hope you enjoy!

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    Uncle Kudzu

    1 year ago

    I love it! This is a great instructable: it's cool, accessible, and probably cheap enough and doable for most every i'ble-ite. Well done!