Paper Craft- Voxellated Cube World 'Rogue'

The Design - Website Link / PDF (Sorry, I couldn't put Word or anything else)

Print ALL THREE of the DESIGN pages. Not the photo.


7/10, pretty advanced. Not recommended for beginning papercrafters.

This design comes from big shout outs to them!

Things you will need:

-Exacto knife (preferred, I don't recommend scissors)

-Glue. Liquid glue like Tacky glue, glue sticks don't work.

-The print-out of this papercraft

-An Exacto-cutting board, or else there will be gashes all over your work-space

-Time. Around 2-3 hours to finish this paper craft.

-Tweezers, to fold the tiny tabs

-A little bag to store your pieces in

-A brain (definitely)

Step 1: Cutting.

First, cut out the entire paper craft. This is a pretty difficult paper craft and cutting and gluing and cutting and gluing will be very frustrating. Make sure to store all your pieces and don't lose them. To cut I will recommend an Exacto-knife or something of that sort; there are many little details to cut out like tiny edges and tabs. These cuts are all self-explanatory, so it should be pretty easy, although time-consuming.

Step 2: Assembling the Pieces...

After you have cut out all the pieces, which would have probably took about a half hour, you need to fold. Most folds are pretty self-explanatory, so it won't be too difficult, with a bit of thinking HOW that piece is going to be, and how it will fit with the rest of the paper craft. When folding, though, keep in mind that some folds may go backwards instead of forwards, as folds normally do. Usually folds run along in ink side but on other occasions they are different. After folding, make every piece piece- by- piece. This is going to take an hour or so, or simply a very long time. Don't try to glue every single tab at once- it'll dry out. This is the difficult part of this papercraft, so take your time.

In the pictures you can see how the head and body are going to be shaped and sized, and how everything goes. Note: Only the tabs need gluing, don't glue anything else yet.

Step 3: Take a Break......(you Probably Already Took One Though)

*not a step, just for those tired*

Step 4: Assembling Your Rogue

Once you have put together all your pieces, it is time for the final step: assembling. Relate to these photos and put together the head, hands (with the daggers), feet, and body together. Then position it how you want it to be, and assemble. Good Job!

Your Rogue is now finished.

Credits : batman4014 - Design maker - Design website

Also, Thanks for making my instructable!

(You can also put it on your drawer or something to showcase it.)

(Please don't smash it on accident or on purpose, I'm sure this took you a long time to make)



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