Paper Crossbow

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     There's a limitation to the materials to make crossbows. Here, you make it w/ simple materials.
It'll take about 36 hours to make one.

Please comment and rate my instructable, thanks!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need :
-about 1 bottle of house glue
-A LOT of newspapers
-sturdy material for the firing mechanism
-creativity(optional(in case you want to modify it))
-glue gun

Step 2: Making the Body

-(x2) 2 foot long, 1 in. diameter newspaper roll                
-(x1) 1 1/2 foot long, 1 in. diameter newspaper roll         

     Now put one 2 foot long roll on top of and perpendicular to the 1 1/2 foot long roll of paper 1/3 way of the 1 1/2 foot tube from top to bottom and stick it there(recommend you you tape it there during drying so it won't fall of). Then, put the other 2 foot long tube on top of it, perpendicular again and glue it in place.Then, attach the elastic band(bowstring)to the ends of the tube.You know how a crossbow looks like.

Use the pictures below if your confused

Step 3: The Supporting Arms

This is actually quite easy. I can't describe how to do it but you're gonna' have to glue it there using a glue gun

Use the pictures below, and cut the rolls at an angle.

Step 4: Firing Mechanism

Its not that easy, but it's simple and effective.

You can design your own, and make sure it's tough enough to hold back the elastic bowstring.
Mine involves a lever that has a kind of claw w/ a hole in the middle to allow the bolt to
slip into the bowstring, when fired the bowstring will push the bolt properly towards the target.
Use the earlier pictures for a complete reconstruction of the whole crossbow.

Step 5: The Ammo

     The ammo is just a paper tube with an arrowhead on the tip, and at the back there's a slit to allow the bowstring to attach to the bolt.

     I suggest you use a BBQ stick to roll a piece of paper neatly. Check my instructable "paper sticks made easy" to know how to do this.Anything sharp for an arrowhead is dangerous if traveling at a high velocity.

Step 6: Operation

     Now, pull the bowstring to the firing mechanism. Cock it. Push the bolt until its attached to the bowstring.Then, pull/push the trigger!

-Use it wisely, safely, and carefully
-Don't shoot at the eyes
-If powerful enough, it can pierce the neck and hit the jugular.
-Just don't shoot at any, I repeat, any animal and/or people.
Play safe!



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    Look, this is a year-old instructable. The crossbow there is already destroyed. The reason why I didn't detail anything about the firing mechanism is because it sucks. Besides, I've already forgotten how to make the darn thing (firing mech).


    I don't recommend building this version; it fires like 2 feet and takes an extremely long time to make. I should have posted a link to my slideshow... If you still want a firing mechanism, don't make the one displayed up there; just use an office clip (those black, springy clips with the retractable metallic arms which deploy to the top). I found that the bigger, the weaker, but the smaller, the stronger. Although the small ones may be strong, the very small ones won't do anything but spring around and hit your eye. Smother hot glue all over the base of the clip then attach it. It should hold, depending on how much glue you put in there.

    errr..... mostly but I just added a few modifications. Well i umm.... adam used all paper and plastic tray I used paper and popsicle sticks . hehe... please excuse for my tendency to partially copy someone's work I just used sticks because I dont have the trays and I used another kind of elastic rope In short I made use of what I have to make something like what the mythbusters did, to make up for what I did I'll make up my own other version of a paper crossbow. we even :D