Paper Crown (Silhouette Portrait Cutter Project)




Introduction: Paper Crown (Silhouette Portrait Cutter Project)

Make this adorable paper crown (or one of your own design) for a party or kid's playtime. It is adjustable so it can fit on any size head.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need the following:

  1. Silhouette Portrait Electronic Cutting Tool
  2. Computer to install the Silhouette Studio software on
  3. Paper
  4. Glue

Step 2: Create Your Crown

Using the Silhouette Studio Software, design your crown shape.

I started with a rectangle 9" long and 2" high. I added a pentagon centered on rectangle. I drew one oval, mirrored it, then moved it to opposite side of pentagon. I then subtracted the ovals from the pentagon, which is under the weld command, and positioned the pentagon where I wanted it and trimmed it to the rectangle. Next I copied the point to create a similar ones on either side and positioned them.

Step 3: Clean Up Design

Using the slice and erase commands, I cleaned up any lines I didn't want.

Once the design is tidied up, you are ready to cut.

Step 4: Send Your Design to the Silhouette Portrait Electronic Cutter

Adjust your cutter settings as necessary.

Step 5: Cut the Front Panel of Crown

Remove from the cutting mat.

Step 6: Design the Side Panels for Crown

Back in the Silhouette Studio software, I started with the 2" x 9" rectangle again. I drew a line for the tabs and then replicated it 5 times, 1/2" apart. The tabs will make it adjustable. If you don't include them, the crown can be glued at the back and be one size fits all.

I copied and rotated the rectangle and lines to create the other side panel. Remember, one set of tabs needs to be on the top and the other set on the bottom so they will fit together.

You could cut the side panels as rectangles, without adding the additional point. I wanted the crown to encircle the head, so I copied the center point from the crown front panel and added to the layout of the side panels.

Step 7: Send Side Panels to Silhouette Cutter

Cut and remove from cutting mat.

Step 8: Attach Front Panel to Side Panels of Crown

Apply glue to the back side of one of the side edges of the crown front panel. Then apply glue to the front side of the forward edge* of one side panel of the crown. Stick the front and side panels together. Glue the other side panel onto the front panel in a similar manner.

Whether your side panel is straight or sculpted, make sure you position the tabs correctly, opposite from the other set.

* Forward edge of the side of crown is the edge opposite of the tabs. You want the tabs in the rear of the crown. When you slide them together, let the ends go to the inside of the crown so they aren't so visible.

Step 9: Final Crown

You are finished!

If you are producing many crowns and want them each to be unique, here's a couple of options:

  1. You could use the same pattern and cut them each out of different paper or paper combinations.
  2. You can design several different patterns easily to create variety.

Crowns can be more ornate or simplistic as you desire. Have fun!

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