Paper Dart

This is a plain paper dart.
To make this you will need the following

Paper: The paper does effect the flight so mess around with it
Small amount of time

Step 1:

Fold the paper to make a triangle by matching up the top edge of the paper to the side edge of the paper

Step 2:

Fold the corner to match up with the same side you made the triangle.

Step 3:

Now fold the new corner and match it with the new line.After you do this it will start to look like a dart.

Step 4:

Fold it over from the dart line to add a liner to it

Step 5:

Fold it once again over its self.

Step 6:

Fold again untill you get a tiny seam that cannot fit around the dart

Step 7:

If folded correct and neatly you should have this seam and a small amount of paper you can tuck into it

Step 8:

after you have tuck the extra in that seam you will fold the dart in half long ways with the seam in side of that fold 

Step 9:

You are done
Throw it by pitching the 2 folds of paper together and whipping it 



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