Paper Dollhouse Chairs





Introduction: Paper Dollhouse Chairs

Is your dollhouse in dire need of some funk, some kitcsh, a modern twist to those boring wooden chairs you find at hobby stores? Here is your solution. Make your own furniture from paper. Join me in the fun and create your own collection of paper chairs.

Step 1: List of Materials

You'll need only the most basic of materials for this project.


optional materials: pen, pencils, markers, colored paper, stickers, colored tape

Step 2: Cut and Fold

First, pick the paper you'll want to use. I am using 6"x6" paper so I don't have to do as much cutting. Fold the paper to the width you'd like your chair to be.

Step 3: Draw and Tape

Now draw some fun designs on the paper and wrap it up in clear tape. The tape will give it strength. Be careful not to use more that two layers of tape, or it will be too hard to work with the paper when you want to shape the chair. Cut off any excess tape hanging off the edges.

Step 4: Shape

Now you can shape the paper into your chair design. I folded one peice into threes: the back, the seat, and the front legs. I cut the second piece to use as the back legs. As you can see in the second picture, it was a bit crooked.

Step 5: Supporting Shape

Since my chair was still a bit crooked, I added bits of paper and tape in different places to straighten it out. I added a piece at the back and it stood up straighter.

Step 6: Decoration

This is the super fun part. Now you can take your scissors and cut shapes out of your chair to give it more character. I cut legs and the back to give it a more interesting shape.

Step 7: Last Minute Details

I was still bothered with how the front legs bent foward too much, so I taped more paper on the underside of the seat, attatching the front legs to the back legs. That seemed to do the trick.

Step 8: Finish Line

Now you can make all sorts of different chairs and display them on a shelf. You can make a table to match and use it in your dollhouse. Or you can just use them as basic designs for a chair you'd like to make for your real house. Thanks for joining me in the fun. xosilvia



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    19 Discussions

    Those are great links. Thanks. My nephew made a cardboard recliner last year during Christmastime. It was really lovely, even if it fell apart once he sat on it. That's the trick, to find out how to make it sturdy and last.

    I have an Epilog laser, and I was planning how to make a dollhouse with it. I could also make scale size chairs in a variety of designs and patterns from 3mm plywood. How much interest would there be in such things?

    I love these chairs. Although they may be above my beginner skill level, I think I'll try to make one to use on a birthday card as a throne for a princess or queen for a day card and make it to fold up to fit in an envelope. I think my friends would like to receive it. I love to try new ideas. Thanks for sharing this one.

    These chairs make me want to invent a shrink-ray machine, or maybe an expando-ray machine. Either way, I'd like to sit in one of these design masterpieces, if only for one divine moment.

    3 replies

    I would love to sit in them, too. These are very cute and I make things like these all the time, but never down to such a simple science. Adorable, no matter what people say!!

    your genius precedes you bobo. i plan to make many more and create chairs for my home. expando-ray machine in the works.

    Nice instructable. Amazing what you can make with a sheet of paper. Great for that fetish errrr child in all of you's?

    These are weired these are for stupid peeps only who cant make proper chairs like omwa

    Recently on Make:Blog there was an article on a cardboard stool... I agree with TheCheese on this, however I bet little girls would think it's "cute"...

    1 reply

    It is art. It is not function, for your home. It is for your little tiny dolls or just to look at on a shelf. I never said it is for function. I know all about the wonderful world of functional cardboard furniture. This is sculpture. I know guys that love it, when they can get past the power of the left brain.

    these are absolutly adorable, when the expando-ray machine is up and running i'll be the first to buy a whole dinning room set, i pwomis ;P

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    Kactapuss, great links! About 8 years ago I did some medical relief work in Nepal. One of the dentists in our group made a reclining dental chair out of corrugated cardboard. He treated patients all day long, outside, using the chair, a pedal-powered drill, and a solar light (literally a funnel and surgical tubing used to capture sunlight and direct it into a patient's mouth). Amazing! These kinds of crafts aren't only fun, they can be downright humanitarian. It's our duty to make these chairs. Don't'cha think?

    i remember reading something where a mac employee had no money for furniture so he made a bed and chairs and tables and stuff from mac computer boxes. lemme go find that link