Paper Fortune Teller

In this instructable you will learn to make a paper fortune teller. You will need one piece of 11x8 paper and a pair of scissors.

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Step 1: Get a Piece of Paper

Regular A4 8x11 printer paper

Step 2: Fold the Paper to Make a Square

Step 3: Cut the Paper Into a Square

Cut the excess paper off of the bottom of the sheet

Step 4: Open the Sheet and Fold the Top of the Opposite Corner to the Bottom

This will provide lines to guide your next folds

Step 5: Fold a Corner Into the Center of the Paper

Step 6: Repeat for Each Corner

Step 7: Flip Your Folded Square Over

Step 8: Fold a Corner Into the Center of the Paper

Step 9: Repeat This for the Remaining Corners

Step 10: Fold Up the Bottom of the Paper to the Top

Step 11: Open Up and Fold the Side of the Paper to the Other Side

Step 12: Put Your Fingers Into the Flaps Created After Folding Each Way

Step 13: Open Up Your Fortune Teller

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    My friends and I used to make these all the time in school. There are so many games that you can invent with them.