Giant Paper Frog (Jumps at 20 Meters)



Introduction: Giant Paper Frog (Jumps at 20 Meters)

Find out how to make a paper frog that will blow your mind.

Step 1: Get an A0.5 Piece of Paper

If you have squared paper thats also ok

Step 2: Cut Out the Piece of Paper As Shown on the Picture

If you have squared paper do not do this

Step 3: You Should End Up With This When You Cut the Paper


Step 4: Get a Giant to Fold the Paper

find a giant and make him/her Fold the paper in half. If you have squared paper fold it in half

Step 5: Fold

Fold the top of the paper sideways

Step 6: Fold

Do the same with the other side of the top of the paper

Step 7: Tricky Part

This part may be hard but when you unfold both the sides you folded before, you will see two lines going sideways and you want to fold those two lines together

Step 8: This Is How It Should Look Like

Step 9: Fold the Sides Just Like This

Step 10: Fold the Other Part Just Like This

Step 11: Fold the Wing on the Right to the Left Side

Step 12: Fold the Paper on Right Side in Half

Step 13: Do the Same With the Other Side

Step 14: Fold the Paper in Half Beneath the Wings

Step 15: Fold the Paper Into 2 Triangles Just Like This

Step 16: This Part Is Tricky, Open Up the Triangles, Go to the Next Picture for More Detail

Step 17: Open the Triangle Up

Step 18: The Opened the Triangle Must Look Like This

Step 19: Do the Same Wit the Other Triangle

Step 20: Now Fold the Opened Triangles Into Wings and Turn You Creation Around and You Got Your Frog!!!

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Nice basic paper craft project. You might think about entering this into the Paper contest that is currently running.