Paper Guitar Pick Holder




Introduction: Paper Guitar Pick Holder

I recently had alot of picks, but didnt know where to put them. so i made a paper pick holder.

Step 1: Ingredients:

Construction Paper
any color will do.

Electrical Tape
Chose a color that suits your guitar.

Step 2: Make a Square

Using the construction paper, make a square that is about 9 1/2 cm by 9 1/2 cm.

Step 3: Fold It

Fold all the corners in to make a smaller square.

Step 4: Fold It Again

Fold the sides in to the half line.

Step 5: Fold It Once More and Tape

From there, fold it in half and tape the sides with electrical tape. Tape the ends shut, too.

Step 6: Tape It Again

Add a longer strip of tape and position it so that 2 cm are hanging off the edge.

Step 7: Tape to Guitar and DONE!

Using the 2 cm you left hanging off the ends, tape the pick holder to the neck or body of your guitar. I hope you found this as useful as i did. Have Fun!

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea. You're pretty skilled at crafting. Unfortunately I do not share the crafty skills but your directions are very simple here which helps a lot. I use Ready Pick as my pick holder simply because it's simple haha. It is a clear pad and works great when performing. Keep up the great crafting!


    10 years ago on Step 7

     its better to the strap couse tape ruins the finish of the guitar 


    I honestly wouldn't use electrical tape or duct tape or anything of the like, if you take it off, it will leave a sticky residue on the guitar. I would use masking tape or (preferably) just regular scotch tape. Other then that, very useful!