Paper Heart Pocket. Heart Mathematics . No Glue . Kirigami





Introduction: Paper Heart Pocket. Heart Mathematics . No Glue . Kirigami

How to make paper heart pocket ? No glue. No glue. You need just two piece of paper (different colour). Kirigami .

for heart pop up card look

for other cool paper projects



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    Easter? This is traditionally made with green and red then hung on a Christmas tree with sweets inside. In Danish they are called Julehjerte, lyterally meaning Christmas hearts.

    This Is really cool! We made these in school once. Traditionally, in Denmark a loop is added on top and it is hung on a Christmas tree. Also I think they normally have only 3 strips although four looks really good.

    VERY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! see if you can make a bag

    So COOL. I have seen these hearts, with a loop added over the top, used as Christmas tree decorations in Denmark. Candies or sweets are placed inside for the children to find at Christmas excellent demo

    oh my gosh i love this one so SO much. this is one of the few i can accomplish!

    Dude u r like totaly awesome if only i was this awesome man how do you think of this stuff? =D i am going to make this!!! You should make more =D

    <3 wai so fun to do!!
    i bet my lil sis would rly love this _

    Thank you!