Paper Helicopter

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easy to make paper helicopter

Step 1: Materials

you need a lined piece of paper, a paper clip, and scissors. this helicopter does not have to be cut perfectly straight.

Step 2:

cut a third of the paper off, the third cut of should be the one with the holes.

Step 3:

cut a slit a third of the way down the top around the middle.

Step 4:

then cut the side a third of the way in, four lines down from your first cut.

Step 5:

then follow step four on the opposite side.

Step 6:

fold the bottom flaps in to make a handle

Step 7:

fold the very botom up then paperclip it, the wieght helps it fall straight.

Step 8:

fold the top flap straight down towards you

Step 9:

flip it over and follow step 8

Step 10:

cut about an inch off both sides, the thinner they are the faster they spin

Step 11:

follow step ten for the other rotor.



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