Paper Kunai Knife

Introduction: Paper Kunai Knife

This is how to make a paper kunai knife with just 2 pieces of paper, stapler , and pennies.

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Step 1: The Supplies

You need two pieces of paper , staples , and pennies.

Step 2: Start

(To skip just make a paper claw.)
Start like if you were going to make a square and fold so a corner meets the opposite side like in the picture

Step 3: Now

Now fold the newly made tip tup to the top left corner.

Step 4: Then

Then you have to fold the right side to the left so it kind of looks like two triangles together forming a square.

Step 5: Again

Now fold the square into two triangles down the already made line.

Step 6: Now

Now this part is a LITTLE tricky....
fold the right side parrel to middle like in the picture!
(to help you can fold in half first to make a line.

Step 7: Almost Done

Now roll the paper around the little thingy you just made like in picture.. and tuck it into the hole

Step 8: Finaly

Finaly your done with this piece.
Now take the sperate piece and fold it into a small thick piece. Staple

Step 9: Next to Last

now shuve your new piece inside your first piece and add pennies to equal the weight.
After putting in the pennies staple so it doesnt fall apart and your done.
This should be your result.

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    2 years ago

    i made it but my teacher caught me when i was done