Paper Kunai Knife

Introduction: Paper Kunai Knife

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a kunai knife out of paper. This type of knife has become famous in many popular TV shows, such as Naruto, and has become the tool of stereotypical ninja everywhere, so it is hard to believe that it was originally derived from a garden trowel used in Japan(Hooray for useless factoids). This version of the kunai knife can actually be thrown if used properly, is almost entirely made out of paper and can be easily recycled when you're done slinging it around.( I would NOT sling one at a person though. They could get hurt, and if they're not they will be seriously pissed off at you). This requires minimal materials and skill to construct, and is fairly easy to use.


  • 4 sheets of regular printer paper
  • Masking tape
  • wool thread(optional)
  • paint(optional)
  • pencil
  • 3-4 pennies

Step 1: Making the Blade

Take one sheet of paper and fold all four corners towards the middle. Fold over two of the corners again as shown, being sure to line them up exactly with the middle. Fold the result in half along the line of symmetry to make a triangle and repeat with another sheet of paper until you have two triangles.

Step 2: Handle

Take a third sheet of paper and place a pencil on one corner as shown. Roll up the paper into a tight tube, being sure to remove the pencil afterwards, and hold it with masking tape. Don't concentrate on how thin the rod should be. It should be relatively straight and even first, then focus on making it thinner.

Step 3: Attaching the Handle to the Blade

Put the two triangles together as shown, making sure that the result looks symmetrical. Insert the handle into the pocket made and fold up the two corners that are hanging out. Tape together the assembly

At the tip of the knife, tape some pennies inside the pocket. These are to make the knife easier to throw, since it is easier to throw it when it weighs more. Tape up the flap and make sure that the pennies stay in the tip.
At this point this project is finished. The rest of the instructable is for applying aesthetics.

Step 4: Attaching the Handle Ring

Create a square piece of paper by folding the fourth sheet of paper into a triangle- like shape as shown and cut off the excess. Fold the square over and over to form a slip of paper just less than one centimeter long, and tape it together. Create a ring on the handle by folding the end over, leaving a hole, and slide the slip of paper through, taping it together to form a circle. This ring is mainly for aesthetic purposes, but can be used to help aid in throwing.

Step 5: Adding Paint

Cover the entire knife with masking tape, leaving no visible part. This step serves to make it slightly waterproof, so that paint can be added.

The type of paint added is entirely up to you. I chose to use water-based black paint, because It was available to me at the time and soaks into the paper, but any color will do for this project, as long as the ingredients do not corrode paper or any of the materials in this knife.

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