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Introduction: Paper Lamp

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Hi Folks,
Weeks ago, me and my 3y.o. son, build up a paper lamp. We use it as a desk lamp, but it can be hanged with some strings to a stick and place inside a little tea candle to light your night walks trough the River Promenade or somewhere cool place...

Step 1: B.O.M.

Materials you need:
-Paper (I use the one called in spanish "Papel de seda" or "Silk paper" what is a thin, coloured and very "organic" kind of paper, but I don't know how is called in english because I found in dictionary translated as "Tissue Papper", but I'm not sure about is the same kind of paper...)
-A Balloon
- White glue
-A bowl or plate,
-15 or 20 inches of some thread or string.

Step 2: Preparation

1- Cut enough paper pieces of about 2x2". If You cut them regularly is good, but if you cut them irregularly, is better!
2- Put a little bit of white glue in the bowl and mix it up with the same quantity of water using one brush.
3- Inflate the balloon and tie a 15 or 20 inches of string or thread to the balloon knot. (Used to hold and hang the lamp)

Step 3: Build It Up!

Let's build the paper lamp!

1- First with the water-glue mixture, you need to glue a part of the balloon and taking different sizes /different colors of paper pieces, place them around the balloon.
2- When a piece of paper is placed over the balloon it must be "fixed" with a little bit more of glue, take the brush and dip it a little bit more.
3- When you got 2 layers all around the balloon, is time to take a pause and let the balloon dry. Hang it somewhere arround with the string tied at the balloon knot, and you can go to read a book, sleep, drink a beer, look at or ... anything else...
4- Before the glue is totally dry, strengthen the top of the balloon and all the places somewhere around where you find the paper do not cover the balloon well enough placing there more paper slices.
5- When you consider about the balloon is covered well enough, you can hang it and let it dry.
6- When all the glue is dry, you can cut or puncture the balloon, and take it off.
7. If you like, you can cut the hole(aperture) of the lamp to make it more regular and with a more polished ending.
8. Place the lamp covering an energy saving lamp (what isn't hot) or change your old fashioned lamp display with this full coloured, DIY lamp or, make little holes in the top of the lamp, knot there some pieces of strings, and tied up these pieces of string to a stick and you have make a fantastic night promenade's lamp...

Step 4: Different Designs

You can use this technique to build different kind of lamps, here I show three types:
1 and 2 are multy purpose lamps. For a Desk/table lamp, put it over a energy saving lamp, or hang it on a roof lamp.
3- Ideal for roof lamp or to hang it on a stick with a little tea candle inside.
 4 ... You got it, and you can make infinite variations on this... Let's lamp!

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, the kids can have fun doing it, and with my son, when we turn the light on, he is really proud of it!