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Hi All,

It is Diwali time in India, festival of lights. I make a lamp every year to celebrate Diwali and decorate my house.

This year I choose to go with a traditional design with one deviation. The paper lines are tilted instead of straight.

This lamp can be made by kids with adult supervision..

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Step 1: Material

  • Paper cutter
  • 100 GSM A4 size paper
  • Steel Scale
  • Glue
  • LED lights

Step 2: Design

  • Set A4 Sheet in landscape mode
  • Mark 30 mm border at top and bottom
  • Leave 50 mm from
    • Top Top Left side
    • Botton Right side
  • Mark dots at 5mm each
  • Now connect dots from top to bottom as shown

This is for the main lamp, I will explain two other parts needed, in next steps

Step 3: Main Lamp

  • Trace the design as per previous steps
  • Using paper cutter, make the cuts as shown
  • If you cutter does not cut in one go, drags over paper and makes small unwanted holes/gaps, replace the blade and then continue
  • Once the cuts are made, fold the lamp into shape as shown to make a cylinder

Step 4: Support

  • To support the lamp and host led lights, we need another a4 sheet
  • Place it inside the Main lamp
  • Adjust the height and maximize diameter for the support cylinder
  • Cut the excess paper and glue it in place and not before

Step 5: Tail

  • Take another A4 sheet, mark top border as 30 mm
  • and mark straight lines separated by 5mm each
  • Using paper cutter, cut these line as shown
  • Glue this tail around the lamp as shown

Step 6: Finishing

  • Add LED lights inside the lamp
  • Add paper hook
  • Hang it from ceiling and Light it up

Thanks for reading, please share suggestions or different design I could try...

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    16 days ago

    Nice, it creates a nice atmosphere and is not that hard to make.