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Hi All,

It is Diwali time in India, festival of lights. I make a lamp every year to celebrate Diwali and decorate my house.

This design is based on Paper-Lamp-cathedral-Light by EzyCraft, beautiful and attractive lamps from paper


  • I am not using A4 Size paper, So that to modify it to best fit for the sheet size available for me locally
  • Optimized Support system
  • Super glue not used as I always end up sticking myself

Also I wanted kids to be able to make it under adult supervision

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Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • A1 size cartridge paper
  • Cutting Mat
  • PVA Glue / Fevicol
  • Glue stick
  • Steel scale
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • String lights

Step 2: Template

The cartridge sheet I got was smaller than A1. So that to come up with different template solution to get 9 sheets out from the sheet available. Details of the templates shown in the images. Template is not to scale, one needs to hand draw it.

Step 3: Cutting

  • Cut three strips at 171 MM height or width along the long side of the sheet
  • On plain A4 sheet, draw and cut based on template
  • Using the above as master cut rhombus as shown in pictures

Step 4: Assembly

  • We have 3 cuts at
    • 83 MM : Interlock within same sheet
    • 53 MM : Interlock with the next sheet ( N )
    • 24 MM : Interlock with N + 1
  • It makes a design as shown with 9 sheets and then connect the first and last sheet to make a circle
  • Place a bottle is between to give shape and support while we work
  • Using glue stick, stick the outermost edges

Using a bottle really helped

Step 5: Supporting

  • Cut 1 strip : 235 mm and stick it to overlap 5 mm as shown
  • Cut a 8 circles with diameter 74mm
  • Stick all the circle pieces together and cut a small opening to pass "string light plug "
  • Glue the stip and circle using PVA glue or fevicol as shown
  • Leave it to dry for 1 hr

Step 6: Electrical

I used old rice bulb string light with 120 bulbs.

Tie it in a bundle that is smaller and compresses inside the lamp as shown

May have to add a guide circle to center the lights

Step 7: Hang It

The string lights are strong enough to bear it's and the paper lamp's weight or Using a string hang from the ceiling

Test the lamp with different color string lights

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    1 year ago

    Super nice version of a paper lamp! One of the prettiest I've seen!

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    This is amazing! I would have never guessed it was made from paper!

    2 replies

    1 year ago

    That's a beautiful design! This would be really neat to do with different colors too. :)

    1 reply