Paper Light


Introduction: Paper Light

this is a light shade made out of folded paper. it can be customized on to many different shapes and sizes.

Step 1: Folding the Paper

The PDF shows the folds needed to create the paper light shade orange Lines mean Valley folds and green Mountain. The easiest way to forward it is to do the green lines first and use a knife to score the orange then assemble it by hand. It may look easy but getting it right is pretty difficult so I would suggest starting small and then get use to it and then you can try going a bit bigger.

Step 2: Tips for Folding

fold the green first then using a scalpel scor the orange lines. when you are folding it together be very patient because it took me 12 hours to fold it together.

Step 3: Going Bigger

after you have practiced on a smaller scale you can now increase the size so you can use it for a light shade like this one. to do this you will need an A1 size sheet of paper or bigger

Step 4: Making the Light

using a wooden dowel as the stick whap some paper around so the leds can be wrapped around without any tight turns.

Step 5: Stand

to make the stand you will need some pieces of wood i have done a very simple versain with two pieces of wood wich i have put together by chiseling the centers out so they sit flush.



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    3 Discussions

    Clever project! How do you attach the paper to itself to create the peak portion of the lampshade?

    1 reply

    I ran a thread through the top and pulled it together but sticking it together with PVA or hot glue will also be ok

    I like how the light comes through the paper :)