Paper Logs

Introduction: Paper Logs

Have you ever had a fire Place but no Wood to burn or you just have to much paper and dont know what to do with. We'll I've fixed that this new way to make paper logs

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Step 1: Get the Materials

You'll need
1. 2 five gallon buckets
2.drill (with drill bit)
3.wood roughly the diameter of the bucket

Step 2: Drill Holes in One of Your Buckets

Drill holes roughly an inch apart halfway down the bucket and in the bottom of the bucket ( note: do this with only one bucket)

Step 3: Paper

Fill the bucket with holes with riped up paper

Step 4: 2nd Bucket

Place the 2nd bucket under the bucket with holes

Step 5: Water

Fill your bucket wih paper wih water from your hose. Fill wih water until paper is very wet

Step 6: Compress

Now get your wood block and place it in your bucket with wet paper. Now you can ether use your hands and compress it or take a stick or small trash an and compress it down stop when it's flat and you think it's ready and got most of the water out

Step 7: Cut the Log Out

Now this is the final step for the paper log
Cut the paper log out of the bucket and place it where it an dry if your not patient then blow dry the log ad place it next to your fire place

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a great idea. About how long will one of these disks burn?