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Introduction: Paper Lotus

A DIY Artist

Many things can be made from Paper. I have made a Paper Flower from craft paper which can be used as a wall piece and looks very nice on a wall.

Step 1: Materials Required

You will some very simple things:

1] Carboard

2] Craft paper

3] Scissor

4] Glue

Step 2: Take a Cardboard and Cut It

Take a cardboard and draw with a help of rounder make a circle of radius of 4 inches (10.16 cm) or of a diameter of 8 inches (20.32 cm). And then Cut it out with a scissor or a cutter.

Step 3: Cut Craft Paper

Select any coloured craft paper. it will be your base layer of your flower and cut a square of 10x10 cm. You can increase the size of the square if you want to make a bigger Paper Lotus.

Step 4: Make Cones

After you cut all the squares apply glue to the edges and pull both end, press a little and your cone is ready. I have also posted .GIF,you can see it above.Stick the cone at the edges of cardboard and make the base layer. A big circle will be created.

Step 5: Adding Layers

Now choose another coloured chart paper and make cones of that. And stick the cones in between the cones of base layer. Keep making layers like this until it becomes a full flower. You can use different coloured paper for a different layer. I have made 6 layers to complete the flower. The last layer (center) might be little tricky, so to fit the cone you may need to cut the bottom of the cone to stick the cone. That's all and your Lotus flower is completed. Once after it's completed let it dry for an hour.

Step 6: And Yes!! It's Completed

And you can hang on a wall and it will look awesome. You will need to have a little patience but the end result will be very amazing. You can try out different colour combination and add your own touch.

Hope you enjoyed!



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    15 Discussions

    This awesome and beautiful. And well explained instructable . I needed this. keep sharing , thank you

    Wow, this is beautiful! It'd be fun to experiment with some other colors :) Though, it looks like a lot of cutting with just a pair of scissors. Have you ever considered a paper cutter? These are some of my favorites. It would be way more efficient.

    Excellent instructable!

    2 replies

    Thanks :-) But paper cutter would be expensive, but if you have one you can try with it also.

    it is really good one ....but i want to know the dimensions of different cones . You gave dimensions only for pink colour cone.Can i get dimensions for other colour cones also??

    1 reply

    Keep it up

    Keep it up

    Deva good one..