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Introduction: Paper Mache Dinosaur

About: Im a St. louis based artist. I primarily paint but can be found dabbling in a lot of different mediums.

Here is the finished product first.

Step 1: Chicken Wire

I started off with a rough shape using chicken wire.

Step 2: Lots of Newsprint and Lots of Flour/water Mix.

I had a newsprint pad lying for sketches. I cut it up into strips and used that for layering the paper mache.

Step 3: Raising the Cowl

I decided the cowl was to short. So i cut some more chicken wire and laced into the existing cowl and covered it in more paper mache.

Step 4: Adding Definition

I used rolled up bits of aluminum foil to add depth around the eyes, horns and beaks and covered it with more paper mache.

Step 5: Mounting

I had a table top that I had left over from a previous project. I had bought it from Home Depot for about $10. I also had small trash bin in the basement. I attached the two using some screws and balanced the head as centered as possible. I then used a lot of duct tape attaching the head to the base and at the same time forming the basic neck shape. I then covered it with more paper mache.

Step 6: Adding Detail

I wanted to add more detail to the eyes and mouth area. I again used what I had lying around which was a fire based clay. It really shrunk and cracked on me which i used drywall mud and countless time sanding. I should have used a paper clay with less shrinkage and saved a lot of time.

Step 7: Primer

After sanding half a day away I finally got it to where it was acceptable and laid down a coat of spray on primer

Step 8: Painting

I then brushed on "Metal Effects" copper paint by Modern Masters Inc. and applied a blue aging patina to the skin and used a layering of paints on the horns and beak. After the patina did its thing I went back and with more copper to balance out the piece. I added a meaty sawtooth hanger and attached it to the wall. Let me know if you have any questions.

Justin King

Step 9: Finished Shots

Here it is hung in all its paper mache glory!

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    I love the oxidizing copper look it has, it adds a really cool look

    Great job sir, glad you've made it to the finals!


    1 year ago


    Can't believe it's paper! WOW :O

    Nice work. Love the mettalic paint!

    I have this one for sale for $800 its roughly 36" x 36" x 27"

    I can't see your entrie ???

    (or else, i don't know where to vote on this instructables)

    Yeah I am not sure, it says Ive entered, maybe it takes a bit before it updates?

    it looks like there is a vote tab on the top right of the instructable.


    1 year ago

    Looks great. Thanks for sharing.

    the final middle photo looks Bad-Ass :)

    Wow, you have done some amazing work! Thanks for sharing!

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