Paper Mache Elephant




Introduction: Paper Mache Elephant

This is a project I made for my 3D sculpture class. The frame is made of cardboard and covered in paper mache and paint.



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    Super Awesome!

    Thank you!

    Thanks. It is sitting in a lounge room in an office space. Haha. Not exactly what my intentions were, but it works.

    Very nice! I once made one using chicken wire six feet tall and 3 feet wide. A kid wore it as a costume for the lion king. Years later, I think of how much easier I could have made it. Live and learn! Well done, I hope your 3D prof gave you a good grade. :)

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    wow that's awesome. Yeah I could have done a lot of other things to make it better, but I still got a good grade on it. If you still have yours you should take some pics of it and post them, I'd love to see it.

    I wish I still had the one I had to do. Instead when the play run was over, I burned it. We called him Edgard. He wasn't amazing by any means. I will look around and see if I have any pictures of him. It was nine years ago, so I might not....or more likely not know where the heck I have them! LOL Glad you got a great grade! I just love the ears one yours. Clearly I need to check out your other instructables. :)

    Wait! I just realized you had the claymation, that's a great instructable! I plan to give it a whirl as soon as I get some great ideas.

    Your chinese dragon is really cool. aww I'm dissapointed that I didn't get to see your elephant, but I am sure it was extremely awesome to watch it burn. The ears on mine are probably my favorite part too, thanks. You should definitely try out doing some claymation, it's very time consuming and tedious, but I love watching the finished project.

    Thanks! That dragon could have been cooler if I had more time. Two days was all I had and only about 3 hrs on both days to get it done. I was pleased knowing I basically pulled that out of a hat and kept it under $50. :)

    I'm going to look around, if I ever find a pic of Edgard I will show ya lol. He hung from rafters as he was being paper mached.(unsure how you past tense mache!)

    Check out Dan Reeder he's a great paper mache artist.  I have his Paper Mache Monsters book and plan to make something pretty nuts for Halloween with the ideas I picked up 

    I'm sketching ideas for a claymation, I sometimes get frustrated with slow processes, but on the other hand, my favorite media is very time consuming so ya just never know.  I will of course post it when I finally do it.  :)

    Wow that's not much time at all. You did a great job though.
    Cool, his stuff looks really cool.
    I can't wait to see your claymation.
    What is your favorite media?