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Introduction: Paper Mache Jack O Lantern

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Paper mache is fairly simple to do so I won't get too into depth about my pictures. I saw someone make a pumpkin hat on here and figured I'd try a jack o lantern.

Step 1: Tie a Balloon to Look Like a Pumpkin

This is a little tricky. I tried a bunch of different ways before finding one that worked. I blew up a balloon roughly the size I wanted, tied twine around it like a cage, popped it, and blew up a new balloon in the cage so it bulged out looking like a pumpkin

Step 2: Paper Mache Goo

This is the goo you dip paper into. It's a mixture of 50/50 water and flour. I added a bit of salt to deter any molding

Step 3: Wrapping the Balloon

First I cut strips of newspaper to roughly 1 or 2 inches wide. Dip the paper in the flour goo, squeege off excess liquid and slap it on the baloon. If it's too wet you may have to wait until it's dry to do more layers (1 -2 days) You need about 4 layers, just enough for it to be hard. I tried speeding up the process with a hair dryer and it didn't work that well.

Step 4: Sand Smooth

Between the newspaper crinkles and the bits of flour there are some bumps, but it sands right off.

Step 5: Start Painting

I didn't take pictures of all the layers of paint I used but I got as many as I could remember. I painted it with acrylic paint that can be picked up at any craft store.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Once I was happy with how the pumpkin looked I drew on a face and painted on a personality. I'm pleased with how it came out.

Step 7: Glory Shots

Hope everyone liked my instructable, thanks for taking a looks

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