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Introduction: Paper Magic Trick

This is a fun, easy trick you can pull on family and friends. With this trick, you can always bet your friends and win. All you have to say is "I bet you I can make a hole in this piece of paper large enough to fit through." Of course, your friends will think you are crazy but you will soon know something that they don't. You may even think this is kinda crazy but I'm going to show you how you can fit through a piece of paper as small as an index card.

Step 1: Materials

This trick only needs two things which is what makes it so great and can probably find anywhere you go:

1. Scissors for cutting the paper

2. Any size paper will do, most of the time will be bigger than an index card. Remember, everyone is different and some sized paper may have to be larger to work and that is fine. You will have to experiment to find the smallest paper you can use to make the trick more amazing and incredible. I used one half of a standard piece of paper to perform this trick and got a hole about two feet in diameter.


Personally, I have never used a pencil and ruler to mark the lines but if it will help you to create this project feel free to use them to draw the lines. Further, in my directions, it will become clear why you may want to use a ruler and a pencil and I will tell you when you may want them. If you are on the fence about it, just grab them in case.

Step 2: Cutting

Once you have chosen your paper of choice, you will need to fold it in half. Once you have done this you are going to make cuts along the edge where it's closed, or the folded side. These cuts should be about a centimeter away from the open edge and spaced enough that you can put another cut between them. This may be where you want your ruler to mark every place you would want to cut but it doesn't have to be perfect. You also want to note that the more cuts you make, the bigger your hole will be.

After you have finished these cuts you want to flip it 180 degrees and make the cuts on the other side now. These cuts will also be 1 centimeter away from the edge and will be exactly in the middle of the spaces between the other lines you previously cut. You want to be neat and precise about your lines because in they're too close they may break as you try and fit through it and are susceptible to cutting mistakes.

Now for the last step, For every folded edge "flap", you are going to cut, as I show in the picture above. This will allow your hole to become large and let you fit through, DO NOT cut the first and last flap. If you cut them, your hole will be cut and will just be a line of paper.

Once you have done this step you are done. You want to gently open the hole and BAM! You have a cool trick to show off your family and friends. (Open gently the paper is fragile especially between the cuts and edges.

Step 3: Finished

You have now created a hole out of paper so small that no one would think this was possible. You can use this to fool family and friends, entertain a party, or just do it to show off something cool you can do. This is such a great project because anyone can do it at almost any time and is super cool. Have fun making your hole and check out the next slide to make sure you don't make mistakes while showing it off.

Step 4: Common Mistakes

A lot of people try this trick and mess up because they don't cut right. Here are some ways people have messed up and how to avoid it.

Some people make their original cuts too close or too far from the previous cut.

This happens a lot. This is where the ruler came in handy because then you can mark your cuts. Having the cuts too far apart won't make your hole large enough to fit through and them being too close will cause it to break easily or for mistakes to happen.

Sometimes the person will accidentally cut the wrong side at first.

As a matter of fact, it doesn't matter what side you start the cutting on as long as the second set of cuts goes exactly in the middle. If you start on the open side you will not have to cut off any loose ends but I prefer starting the cutting on the folded side because I can better see how far apart the cuts need to be. This may not be everyone's opinion, starting the other way may be easier and this is one of those times you'll have to experiment.

Other than these there aren't any other mistakes people can make besides cutting all the way through. These are here to help guide you to perfect paper hole and to help you with any questions you may have had. Hopefully, you didn't need to look here anyway because I am sure you nailed it the first time.

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    2 years ago

    I teach and use activities like this 2 encourage out of the box thinking and how 2 apply it . this will be something I try. thanks