Paper Marbling 101 - Making the Zigzag Pattern




About: Paper marbling artist, instructor, performer based out of the PNW.

A tutorial on how to make the zigzag pattern when marbling.

You will need a tray, carrageenan based size, paint/color, paint pallet, marbling brushes, bamboo skewer/toothpick/awl, and alumed paper.

Step 1: How to Make the Zigzag Pattern

The zigzag pattern is the second of what I like to call the the base patterns. There are three base patterns, which make the basic foundation for more detailed advanced patterns. The better you are with the base patterns the better your results will be as you progress in to the advanced patterns and techniques. So practice your base patterns.



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    2 years ago

    I do love marbling though, i marbled this old coffee table an laminated over it, one of my fav peices of furniture ever