Paper Minion

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In this instructables I share about How to make Paper Minions.

In my house the showcase was empty, I think to decorate the showcase. So I want to buy some Dolls. But the cost exceeds my budget. I think

The paper can make anything......

Then I'm buy some color paper and make my own design of the Dolls.

Step 1: Things Required:

1) Yellow color papers 344 pieces. Size: 4 X 7 cm.

2) Blue color papers 246 pieces. Size: 4 X 7 cm.

3) Black color papers 72 pieces. Size: 4 X 7 cm.

4) White color papers 30 pieces. Size: 1 X 7 cm.

5) Safety Scissors.

6) Glue.

Step 2: How to Cut and Fold the Paper:

Step 1: Cut the paper into 4 X 7 cm.

Step 2: Fold the paper into half like 2 X 7 cm.

Step 3: Then fold the paper into 2 X 3.5 cm.

Step 4: Then fold the paper with the help of above images.

Step 3: How to Make:

Step 1: 1st 5 rows with 24 pieces of Blue. Then connect one end to another end

Step 2: In 6th row continue with 5 pieces of Yellow and 7 pieces of Blue.

Step 3: In 7th row continue with 6 pieces of Yellow and 6 pieces of Blue.

Step 4: Step 2 and 3 are sequentially upto 12th row.

Step 5: In 13th row continue with 24 pieces of Blue.

Step 6: Make 7 rows continue with 24 pieces of Yellow.

Step 7: In 20th and 21st rows continue with 24 pieces of Black.

Step 8: Make 3 rows continue with 24 pieces of Yellow.

Step 9: Make hands and legs.

Step 10: Make eyes.

Step 11: Then fix them into the body.

Step 4: Full Making Video:



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