Paper Nerf Blowgun V2 With Handle and Magazine Style Dart Storage

Introduction: Paper Nerf Blowgun V2 With Handle and Magazine Style Dart Storage

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Pic 1: mag out and gun
Pic 2: mag in

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Step 1: Barrel

Put a dart in the middle near where one of the flaps is, then roll it over the dart, and tape around the tighter end.
Note: it is fully functional at this stage, the next steps are not needed, but recommended.

Step 2: Handle

Take the other paper, and wrap it as tight or as wide as you want, then tape it together so it doesn't unroll. Then, tape the handle to the barrel, and you're done with that step.

Step 3: Magazine

Take the paper you cut off, and wrap around a dart. Then tape it, and squish the bottom then tape it, too. And recommended to keep it from falling out, make a tape circle(or use double sided tape) and attach it to the magazine. This will make it harder to have it fall out.(if you actually push the tape end on the inside of handle)

Step 4: Done!

Thank you for making this(and/or just flipping through it). Now shoot whatever you're shooting.

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    2 years ago

    Note: you can make this for mega darts also