Paper Nerf Blowgun(P.N.B)

About: I like to make knex guns, swords, and medieval artillery, I sometimes draw, play music, and Mod nerf guns.

Hi! I'm back with a paper nerf blowgun That I made.
Dart holder(can make more if you want)
Easy to make
Can fire Elite darts, stephans, micros, paper darts of the correct size.
Silent(not completely but mostly)

Bad range (18-20 ft angled)

Overall, It's OK, if you are not 1-20 ft from your target, you won't hit unless you have like a pressurized air tank attached to it lol

Step 1: Darts

Darts are obviously modified, Cut them with scissors until they are an inch long.

Step 2: Gun and Dart Holder

Roll up a full sheet of paper, then cut to where it is just over 8 inches long, the use the cut off piece and wrap it around a dart then cut until you can see the bottom of the dart in good light, then tape the dart holder to the front of the barrel. Then, on the back where you blow through, tape around there so it doesn't fall apart

Step 3: Done!

Now load through the front, And blow from the back!



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