Paper Ninja Star

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Step 1: Find 8 Post-it Notes

You might want more if you mess up or need to make a better one but 8 are required.

Step 2: Fold in Half

Step 3: Fold in Half Other Way

Make sure to crease the folds

Step 4: Fold Corners Down

With sticky side at the top, fold the corners down to meet in the middle

Step 5: Fold Top Over

Take the top corner and fold it so it meets the other side of its crease

Step 6: Fold Top to Other Side

Then fold the same corner to the other side

Step 7: Unfold All of It

Step 8: Finish the Piece

Fold the bottom edge in the middle and pull the two bottom corners back and fold down

Step 9: Do the Same for 8 of These Pieces

Step 10:

Slide two pieces together

Step 11:

Fold the edges that stick up into the next piece

Step 12:

Do this for all the pieces until you have a circular shape and they all are connected

Step 13:

Until you let it sit with a weight on top to crease the folds more, SLIDE THE PIECES GENTLY it's easy for them to fall out immediately after you make it so be careful

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