Paper Ninja Star

Introduction: Paper Ninja Star

About: I love to make paper planes instructables!i am a normal Indian kid.i make instructables for helping others and time pass.

Hello everyone!let's get started by making a ninja star!you need two origami paper to start it.follow the arrows also

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Step 1: Starting

Start with sheets of origami paper

Step 2: Let's Fold

Take one of the papers and fold it in half

Step 3: Open


Step 4: One Here.....

Fold the left edge to the middle crease

Step 5: One There!

Repeat with the right edge

Step 6: Let's Fold Part 2

Fold the paper in half

Step 7: Fall

Fold from top to bottom
Do all the steps again with second paper

Step 8: Up

Fold the bottom right corner upwards and repeat with second paper,but this time opposite

Step 9: Down

Fold the top left corner downwards and repeat with second paper

Step 10: S for Shuriken

Flip over so it looks like a S

Step 11: Sharp Beak

Fold the top left corner to the bottom right corner
If you are confused,follow the arrows

Step 12: Sharp Beak Part 2

Repeat with the second paper,but this time opposite

Step 13: S for Shuriken Part 2

Fold the bottom right corner to the top left corner and repeat with the second paper

Step 14: Flap Time!

Flip over the second and rotate the first paper 90 degrees

Step 15: Pick,put!

Take the second paper and put it in between the first paper as shown

Step 16: Flap Open and Closed

Open the top flap of the second paper and fold the top corner of the first paper in it,then close the flap

Step 17: Flap Open and Closed Part 2

Open the bottom flap of second paper and fold the bottom corner of first paper in it

Step 18: Almost Done

Flip over

Step 19: Tuck Your Paper

Do you see the diamond in the middle?take help of a scissor,open the flap and fold the top corner in it

Step 20: Done!

Repeat with the last corner left and you are done

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