Paper Ninja Star (shruiken)

Introduction: Paper Ninja Star (shruiken)

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So this is the first of 7 weapon tutorials which I'll be posting everyday for the next week. These will be made using mainly paper, but without compromising their functionality as weapons. So to kick it off I'll be showing you how to make a paper ninja star, (shruiken) using a sheet of paper.

Disclaimer: although these are made of paper, they can still cause significant damage if they hit someone or something in the eye, please do NOT throw these at any person or animal. I am not responsible for any injuries caused.

Aside from all that, do have fun improving your aim with these :-)

Step 1: Step 1

So to make this you'll need 2 sheets of A4 size paper. Start by folding the paper at a right-angle and cut off the excess; this will leave you with a perfect square.

Step 2: Step 2

1:Fold the paper in half

2:Fold in half again the same way

3:Fold and unfold the paper horizontally

4:Fold the paper on one side of the fold up and on the other side down

Step 3: Step 3

1:Flip the paper over

2:Fold the top edge of the small square at the top right to the left edge as shown in pic 1

3:Fold both of the triangles to the middle

4:Repeat all the steps with the second piece of paper

Step 4: Step 4

1:Open up the triangles on paper#1 and put paper#2 in the gap.

2:Fold over the triangles of paper#1 and tuck them into the the gaps in paper#2 as shown in pics 2 and 3.

If you want to make your shruiken last a bit longer, stick a piece of duct tape on each side.

Congrats! You're done.

Step 5: Step 5

After a bit of practice I was able to pop balloons from 3 meters (9 feet) away.

I then made a few more shruikens of different sizes, including one which was only half an inch wide.

I'll be posting another paper weapon tutorial every day for the next week, so stay tuned :-)

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3 years ago

This is great! Have you read the mini weapons of mass destruction book? I think this star is in it.


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks m8, no i havnt, maybe ill get hold of it soon, glad you enjoyed :-)


Reply 3 years ago

The books show you how to make cheap weapons that are safe to play with. There are four books and I am not sure which book this is in.